Here’s something that has been bothering me all week: What does success mean to me?

The entire eAmbasadors team decided to get together this week (or was it last? Oops!)  to define and share our own perspective on success.

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The Best and the Other Things About Living in Residence

Residence or commute? The debate goes on. For me, as a first year international student it was a no-brainer, residence, just imagine how much time it would take me to go through customs every day if I commuted. Kidding! But I think that residence was the right choice for me, even if I could have gotten an apartment nearby like many international students do.

So here’s some of the best and the not-quite-the-best things about living on res that come to mind.

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Writing and all its Hardships

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” 

Ernest Hemingway

One of the biggest nuances of the human condition, along with our knowledge of our impending death and our lack of a proper tail (seriously we missed out on this!), is our desire to express ourselves, share our feelings, sensations, experiences, and of course, our yearning for being understood.

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