Introduction to Dancing

Buenas! Of all the many gifts that are endowed upon a baby at its birth, coordination, balance, and rhythm seem to have managed to elude me completely. As a result, sports, specially dancing, are a challenge to say the least. Hey, it’s not that bad! At least I can still walk… although now that  I mention it, I’m not that good at walking and drinking from anything that is not a straw, either.

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Why I am here

In my younger and more vulnerable years… ooops! When I started the beautiful and unbearably stressing process of applying to universities, I was confronted with the momentous question every single student who decides to continue their education faces: Where on Earth I’m I going to study? Careful, this decision can dictate the course of your entire life, so I am going to need an answer by Friday, so that we can get started early on the application process.

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