Moving to a new country 101

Hey. Are you about to move to a new country or city? Maybe you want to study in abroad for four years, maybe you just want to do an exchange for a semester. Well, regardless of where you are going, hopefully at some point in your life you’ll have the chance to move to a new place away from home and thus may want to take into consideration some of the following tips.

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Early Start, Ice Breakers, and Cheers

Hello again! Let’s see. Before coming to university I was, and actually I still am, very nervous about fitting in this brand new place where I didn’t know anybody. Actually the first couple of weeks can be hard because you feel that you aren’t making so many friends as other people and you’re anxious about starting anew, with new friends, new home, and new classes. So allow me to assuage your anxiety by giving you a fresh new glimpse into the first weeks at Glendon, specifically JumpStart and Frosh Week. A time well spent doing things like going to parties, going to theme parks, touring the sound surface of downtown Toronto (on foot) and overall doing very little studying (as you should).

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Introduction to Dancing

Buenas! Of all the many gifts that are endowed upon a baby at its birth, coordination, balance, and rhythm seem to have managed to elude me completely. As a result, sports, specially dancing, are a challenge to say the least. Hey, it’s not that bad! At least I can still walk… although now that  I mention it, I’m not that good at walking and drinking from anything that is not a straw, either.

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