And did I mention we speak Spanish?

I just finished my first semester! How did that happen?  I truly, madly, deeply hope that time slows down after the first semester, because if it doesn’t it I feel like graduation will be just a few stressful assignments away. I can’t believe that I’m already 1/8 done with my undergraduate degree already!

(Don’t panic though)

I will probably get around to doing a blog on my impressions of life at Glendon and university as a whole, but I think I’ll let the trauma of exams wear off before I do. Kidding! Or am I?

However that’s a story for another day. The topic for today’s post is… (Insert drumroll here) Languages!

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Moving to a new country 101

Hey. Are you about to move to a new country or city? Maybe you want to study in abroad for four years, maybe you just want to do an exchange for a semester. Well, regardless of where you are going, hopefully at some point in your life you’ll have the chance to move to a new place away from home and thus may want to take into consideration some of the following tips.

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Hello world!

Hola! My name is Isabel Duque Arango. I am a first year international student at Glendon, majoring in Linguistics and Language Studies. I was born in Colombia but I was raised in Ecuador since the age of three, so you could say I am very much an expert in being an international student. I am an overachiver, perfectionist, and  a lover of books but a hater of the movies they originate. I am a permanent resident on the writer’s block (get it), recently diagnosed Tim Horton’s addict, and head over heels in love with the french language.

I am here to share my experiences as an international student living 4880 km away from home (I checked), and to help you in any way I can.