Rant & Stress


It’s that wonderful time of the year when Christmas trees and holiday decorations go up, snow makes its first reticent appearance, and the line for the Tim Hortons at your local university campus reaches the highway.

I can't keep calm

One of the very first things they tell you in university is “Time management is important.” Oh boy, are they right! Now for the most part I tend to be really good at this, (I am aware of the irony of this statement as I type this at 11:26 pm on Monday night). I usually like to start my assignments days – even weeks- in advance, I like to read and prepare for class beforehand, and overall have never had to pull a last minute study rush to keep up…until this week. But no matter how good I thought I was at time management a day came when I realized that I had 5 exams during the same week, one assignment that requires me to leave campus and make a video, and a surprise essay of whose existence  I learnt  7 hours before it was due. (Sigh. Just read the syllabus for every class very, very carefully, okay? And like re-read it every week.)

My point being, in many ways, stress is unavoidable. Right now I tend to stress about being stress. Thus, instead of performing the activity that would alleviate my stress in the first place (i.e. studying), I think about stress, and get more stressed, and take a nap.

So yeah, finals fear is real. That’s good to know.

Therefore, I will now proceed to keep on studying and cling to the thought “In two weeks all will be over.”



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