First Timer’s Guide to Snow

This is a post I’ve been looking forward to writing all semester, scratch that all my life. So maybe it’s not Monday anymore, sorry! But I was out doing… let’s say research for this. Fine, fine, I was throwing atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals at people, okay?


Snow 3

It is snowing for the first time in Toronto this year and for the first time in the same location I happen to be. For me, a first time… snow-experiencer? This is too exciting! I spent the last year waiting for this moment and not it happened!

Okay, that’s not true, this wasn’t the first time I’ve seen snow fall, that was yesterday. Here’s how that went.
Me playing

It was pretty frigging cool (pun completely intended). I’m not going to lie, another of the many reasons as in why I chose to come to Canada was the different seasons, and so far it has not disappointed. I mean summer was absolutely beautiful; fall, heart- stopping, and now this? Every single month there it is like I’ve been transported to a whole new planet, like Mother Nature trying to outdo herself.

GL snow

I watched the world slowly change into an icy illusion from the library window and gleefully proceeded to play in the snow for the first time ever. In doing so I learned a plethora of valuable lessons. For instance, the world returns much of what you give it; if you put ice down your friend’s sweater they will in kind return the favor, and they’ll have much more snow than you did. Also, experience is the one true teacher; let’s just say ice rookies should not be allowed to dress themselves or make any decisions concerning their snow attire without proper supervision. It’s for their own good, really.


Snow 2

But while I reveled in this new experience the world around me was filled with “don’t worry you’ll get tired of it” and “enjoyed it now because in two weeks of snow like this you’ll hate it.” Which is more than understandable. I mean, was it only three months ago that we were all baking in toasty 30 °C temps and complaining all the while about it?

Yet as it was still my first time witnessing this, it made me think about beauty. We tend to appreciate and celebrate it when it is new and novel, but then we grow accustomed to it and also tend to dismiss it afterwards. Maybe, if we were to go to a new and interesting new planet we would likely find that everything about it, even the most mundane and banal things are absolutely amazing. Then this means that potentially, every single prosaic, ordinary object perceivable to the human senses is stunning, we are just used to it. What if it is, true? What if we walk past the most amazing wonders of the universe every single day without turning our heads.What if  the world is truly a fascinating place and we just can’t see it.

Snow 5



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