My Very First Thanksgiving

Happy Thanskgiving Everybody! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I think I will need to find someone to corroborate this, but I am getting the feeling that I am turning into one of those annoying people who walk around as if they ate a Care Bear for breakfast. Every single thing I see is more amazing than the last. And to be fair I’ve been seeing a lot of amazing things lately. So even though I could talk about for days about all the incredible things I have seen/done/experienced lately, for now I want to talk about the latest novelty for me, Thanksgiving, aka best holiday in Canada so far. A holiday centered on food and giving thanks? I am definitively there!

And, because I have never done it before and I think it is very important to express gratitude, I will list all of the things I am grateful for this year.

Best Day Ever

I’ve met a lot of very nice people since I’ve been here, (let’s just say there may be some truth to the stereotype) but it really amazed me when a friend invited me and other international students to spend this holiday with her and her family, which leads me to the first thing I am grateful for, friends. It was amazing of her to open her house and take us in during this very special holiday and it just makes you feel amazing. So I want to start by saying that I am thankful for friends and family.

We visited the city of Guelph, which is tangible proof that the more I see of Canada the more beautiful it gets. We went on numerous walks through a vibrant forest that I’m sure leads to Wonderland if you go deep enough. Which reminds me, I am thankful for this beautiful fall, and the fact that I am here, able to witness it. Aditionally,  we also seized the opportunity to go on a couple of runs around said picturesque city, which of course gave me many certainly painful blisters.

View from the hill

However it was all necessary in order for my body to be able to assimilate the sheer amount of food I ate in a single day (scratch that, a single sitting). The college student diet, no matter how “balanced” and “healthy” we claim to eat, is not particularly nutritious and it can easily become tiresome (take it from a pasta lover, there is only so many times  a fortnight you can eat noodles  before you are begging for a fresh salad.) But it’s okay, because if anything it makes the homemade turkey and mashed potatoes taste all that much better. I was absolutely delighted by all the amazing food. I mean, pumpkin soup? I am your number one fan. Thus, this is an easy one, I am thankful for all the food and new things I have been able to experience in the last few months.

My ThanskGiving Pants

For the first time ever I was able to fully understand the importance of Thanksgiving pants!

Lastly,  with the setting sun we drove back to Glendon , where reality, midterms, and a week’s worth of reading awaited by the door. It was nice to have the opportunity to leave the city for a while, get a change of scenery and pace. But at the end of the day, there is no feeling like passing a red and silver sign on Bayview Avenue and thinking “there’s nowhere in the entire world I would rather be right now”. That kind of contentment is very hard to come by, and I could not be thankful enough for it.


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