Early Start, Ice Breakers, and Cheers

Hello again! Let’s see. Before coming to university I was, and actually I still am, very nervous about fitting in this brand new place where I didn’t know anybody. Actually the first couple of weeks can be hard because you feel that you aren’t making so many friends as other people and you’re anxious about starting anew, with new friends, new home, and new classes. So allow me to assuage your anxiety by giving you a fresh new glimpse into the first weeks at Glendon, specifically JumpStart and Frosh Week. A time well spent doing things like going to parties, going to theme parks, touring the sound surface of downtown Toronto (on foot) and overall doing very little studying (as you should).


JumpStart is a program reserved for first year students in Glendon that is meant to help you adapt to university life. It usually takes place the week before orientation. For me, I feel like JumpStart was something I needed. First of all, the summer of 2015 was one of the loooongest summers of my life (that is not a good thing ), because I was VERY excited about moving to Canada and going to Glendon, and most of my friends had already left to go to their own school, so let’s just say that there was a lot of Netflix involved during the last weeks of August. Thus having an opportunity to get an early start was simply great. Also, we had some very helpful lectures like how to take notes in class (vital!), the importance of setting goals (vitaler!), and networking(vitalest!).

Another great thing that it did is that it helped us break the ice. It wasn’t really day 1, it was more like minute 1, and we were already doing an activity that encouraged us to meet as many people as we could in the less time possible – simply said the introvert in me was freaking out in her pillow fort.

Panic attack

Frosh Week

Now Frosh Week is different for everyone. For some the best part was the parties, others preferred the day activities such as the scavenger hunt in Downtown Toronto or the trip to Wonderland (as in the amusement park not as in Alice in Wonderland – I was disappointed too). Others say that it is great because you get to make a lot of new friends, and it is in fact a great way to meet new people. But the best part for me is that no matter who you are, by the end of it you feel such a sense of belonging you would think you’ve been there years and not a single week.

Really, by the end of the it you were probably exhausted, mildly feverish because of a cold you acquired along the way, and turned green at the mention of the word “pizza”. But whenever anybody started spelling Y.O.R.K, you chanted with them as if your life itself depended on it.

Yellow Team

My team during Frosh Week

And that is the greatest thing about Jumpstart and Frosh Week at Glendon. Even though I didn’t make that many instant lifelong friends during the week, even though I didn’t attend all of the events and I was feeling somewhat sad and anxious because I knew the road ahead was not easy, there was a moment when we were all sitting in the cafeteria, all of us tired after a long day of walking but all screaming our heads off, when I looked around and I realized that I was surrounded by a hundred screaming voices like mine. People who, like me, were there because they wanted to learn and grow and be part of this amazing community, all of them hopeful and excited about the trials and tribulations to come, all equally anxious and hopeful and lost. And that’s when I realized, no matter how hard the beginning seemed, I wasn’t in this alone.


One thought on “Early Start, Ice Breakers, and Cheers

  1. I looooove the conclusion of this post. I didn’t get a chance to do Jumpstart but I didn’t make my best friends during Frosh Week either (although I still had a great time!). This post was so authentic and I love that you started to feel like part of the Glendon community 🙂 Hope your year has been even better from this post on, can’t wait to read what you write next! ♥


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