Introduction to Dancing

Buenas! Of all the many gifts that are endowed upon a baby at its birth, coordination, balance, and rhythm seem to have managed to elude me completely. As a result, sports, specially dancing, are a challenge to say the least. Hey, it’s not that bad! At least I can still walk… although now that  I mention it, I’m not that good at walking and drinking from anything that is not a straw, either.

Back to the point. Dancing, therefore, has always been for me one of the most difficult and challenging activities I can undertake on a weekly basis. It is not enough  to move your arms and feet in different ways but still in unison. You also have to add knees and head to the equation, all the while keeping in sync with music that has enough different beats for 7 different styles, and can change songs before you can even say Gangnam Style.

I wont dance

Suffice it to say that any dance party is both physically and mentally taxing for me, no matter where it is,  And to be honest, I never really enjoyed dance parties all that much because, you know, it’s easier for me to wrap my head around string theory than dance to The Ketchup Song (90s kids got it). Plus, what’s the fun of going to a dance party if you are the only one standing in the corner alone, pretending to be texting somebody because you are too awkward to dance.

But then last night I went to my first party in Canada ever; because I am forever the optimist that hopes that one day she will  wake up and she will found that she suddenly turned into Ginger Rogers. What I  found is that a) parties here are very different from what I expected (we can study the differences between parties in Canada and Ecuador later,) and b) that dancing is possible, even for people like me. Want to know how I did it? Simple. A friend merely said to me, “try to move your hips more,” and boom my whole world was blown wide open. My friend was probably the first person to  give me definitive advice on how to dance, and it changed the way I saw the whole problem. Here I was thinking that the problem was my hands and feet while it was actually my entire body, I just didn’t move enough while dancing. Duh!

Grantied, I still probably looked like this:

Giraffe Dance

Don’t hold it against my friend, she meant well

So I can’t dance well. So what, at least I think I dance. What I’m trying to say is that sometimes I can be so focused on the problem in front of me, such as I did not think I could dance, that I was unable to see the solution: everybody can dance it is just a matter of a little advice and a ton of confidence. So that is the lesson for today, if you have a problem then move to another country and somebody else will solve it for you!

Just kidding! Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or help! Sometimes the answer is so easy you just can’t see it but somebody else probably will.


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