Ineffable Word

Why I am here


In my younger and more vulnerable years… ooops! When I started the beautiful and unbearably stressing process of applying to universities, I was confronted with the momentous question every single student who decides to continue their education faces: Where on Earth I’m I going to study? Careful, this decision can dictate the course of your entire life, so I am going to need an answer by Friday, so that we can get started early on the application process.

So you have decided to continue your education. Congratulations! That was the hardest part!…just kidding!  You have likely guessed by now that I am a big advocate for going abroad, or at least further away from home, so allow me to share my experience so that hopefully I’ll be able to shine a light into  menacing process that is choosing a university.

Growing up, I never really thought that I would go to university in Ecuador, mostly because I’m Colombian, my entire family lives there, and well, Colombia is what “studying at home” means to me. So there I was, little seventeen year old me,  between my mother father  when the college counselor asks, “So, what are your plans?” (alarms go off). See, during the last years of high school I realized I really love languages, writing, and literature, so that when the teachers started saying “begin thinking about which way you want to go in life in order to begin the college application process,” I thought “all right maybe I want to go into languages and literature and become and editor or something like that.” Thus, I was pretty much thinking about studying abroad, living on my own, by my own rules, completely independent, with no one around to tell what to do or not do, going wherever I want when I want to… and financially supported by my parents, of course.

 On the other hand, during the long summer days between 5to and 6to grado (eleventh and twelfth grade for all non Ecuadorians out there) I had acquired a new dream, being a lawyer. But going to law school immediately in Colombia (there’s no pre law requirement there) would mean that I would not get a chance to do the languages thing and live on my own. Also, basically in whatever country I studied law I would have to live the rest of my life, since each country has different laws and switching countries after getting your law degree could essentially mean redoing law school.

 Just like that, where do you want to study became: Where do you want to study, considering that you want to study languages but if you go abroad you wont be able to do law school right away and while you are getting your undergraduate studies the zombie apocalypse could happen making it impossible for you to get your law degree. But, if you stay at home and go to law school you lose the opportunity to live abroad for four years, since you’ll have to live in Colombia forever, and you wont be able to study languages.

Long and confusing? It was! I chose to come to Canada because I realized that if I started law school right then I might not have the chance to ever experience studying abroad, while I could go to law school, in either Canada or Colombia later.

Deciding where to study is a very tough, chaotic process ,and there is usually a lot of variables involved. But if there is one thing you can take away from today’s blog is this: Nobody knows the future, what seems certain today may change completely tomorrow. So, when thinking about where to study ask yourself, “Will I ever have the opportunity to do this again?” Don’t hold back on any opportunity you get, the bigger the better.